SOC Chalet

Wah, I finally updated my facebook, friendster and now, I finally have the time to settle down and update my blog.

What an eventful two weeks.
I haven’t caught my breath yet.

Ok la, I did. I got flu. NO ITS NOT BIRD FLU. CHOY LA.

I went off for Chalet a day after I came back from China.
Coolness. About 12 people turned up, only 2 girls. Sadly. The girls the guys wanted to bring along all pangseh. -_-” SoC guys not that bad looking right? Lol.

So anyway, we met at 2pm, Shirley, me and Yanguang got some food while waiting for some person.. who was late. 2pm supposed to meet at Pasir Ris and that person was still at AMK! Nvm, so we went off to buy food, ate with Yanguang for lunch and then headed off to the chalet at Costa Sands Pasir Ris.

Waited for Jackson’s friend to come, which turn out to be Raymond. Lol. Then Jackson came and off we went for KTV. But no one had the brains to recall that we should have got our bikes before we went out since we are going WWW on Wednesday, which means if we wanna go cycling, that only leaves Tuesday night, which is yeah, the night we went for KTV.

So yup, no night cycling that night, but we played cards till Jackson had to leave, since he had a jaw operation the next day. Then Jasper, me, Evan and Yanguang stayed up to play Mahjong. I was about to peng at 12 since I have been sleeping pretty early in China so my screw-ed up body clock.

Yeah, then went to WWW the next morning, BUT it rained dogs and cats till like 3? But they only opened the park at about late 3. Shirley, Jasper and me could not wait to jump into the pool since we waited till now, didn’t bathe or anything since morning and we are all freaking sticky from walking and running around. Lol. But we had fun anyway. Especially on the Samsung Slide, Ular-lah and Waterworks :) Oh, last but not least, I experienced ‘swimming’ in Tsunami. LOL!

Yup, that night, we played Mahjong again. AND I WON $5! MUAHAHA. Rich, you will be happy to hear that I won’t consecutively for one whole “WIND”, Singapore Style btw ;)
LOL! But I wasn’t the biggest winner la. DUH. Yup, then I peng-ed halfway as usual, and my flu got worse, went to sleep, with all of us promising Evan we will wake up early tmr to play water polo.. LOL. But ended up none did. =x In fact all of us dao-ed him in the morning when he was trying to wake us up.

That’s all for chalet. :)


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