Jingie’s BIRTHDAY!

LOL, so then Chalet ended, PoTO the next day.. but yup already blogged..
So the next thing on the list was.. Jing’s BIRTHDAY!! :D

We were supposed to meet at 6 initally, and supposed to eat Jack’s Place.
Everything was all reserved and.. well planned.
But, Zh had to attend Isz’ funeral. So, everything got delayed.
And so, Zh and I only reached Bugis at like what 630?!

And we had to find carpark lots and that guy, is so inexperienced in Bugis, so I told him to get off the car and let me drive.
And yup, we went to park at Bras Besah in the end and walked over.
Lol, poor Shannonling could only stay for… 15mins to catch up with us! :(

But yeah, nice hair anyway! :D
At least, better than the mushroom! :D
Anyway.. then we gave Jingie her pressie that consisted of a Wetseal top, a $40 DP voucher and a notebook from BORDERS! :D
Hope you like it Jingie! :D

Sirloin Steak, Lamb Chop and my special order of Spaghetti with Mushrooms and Salmon.
AH! HEAVENLY! :D So yup, the meal was definitely more worth it than Jack’s place cos it tasted better, and was definitely, more filling. And where is the place you ask? V8 CAFE! :D
After which, we headed to Bukit Timah for Island Creamery! Yayness. Another heavenly and affordable eatery.

Muahaha. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to Zh for planning everything, and hope Jing will forgive us for being late for such a wonderful day right! :D Hehe.

It’s a pity though, someone else had to be in FARAWAY AUSSIE. JASIE DEAR CAN YOU HEAR US!?


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