A Minor Update

Ah, still waiting for Evan to come online to send me the Chalet photos.
Mine’s still not enough..

Had loads of fun at the chalet, will blog together when the photos arrive.
Anyway, we went PoTO on Thurs. What’s PoTO you ask?
Phantom of the Opera! :D

It was AWESOME. Definitely awesome, not because of the singing, cos I personally feel, the sopranos are not that strong actually. But the Phantom and Andre’s good I must say. Well, I felt it was awesome cos of the costume and the props. OMG they are amazing! Seriously. Superbly done, and magnificient :D

LOVE LOVE LOVE the costumes and props! :D

And then.. we went to celebrate JINGIE’s bday today! I will blog together with the photos as usual. Super tired. So think I’ll update tmr :D
Haha, it’s FF with dearest VIO TMR! :D


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