Hainan Trip!

1/2: Off we went on Sunday, 29th April at 10am. That’s me and my mom :)
3: Yes, we’ve arrived in Hainan and yup that’s the room I’m staying in.
4/5: Eating at one of the eateries in Hainan.
6: Chameleon.
7/8: At the auction market
9: It rained dogs and cats every evening for the 7 days we were there

1: With the cute little girl who always asked me to carry her.
2: With the girl who looks like me when I was young.
3/4: My brother
5/6: My parents
7/8: Cute little kids! :D
9: The dog who’s called “Ah Black”.

1/2/4: At the market where I was shopping for my ducks and chicks.
3: Ducks with BLUE beaks.
5: The little boy who looks like 7 but is actually 11. :) Haha, who bullies me and my brother.
6: The little crying baby.
7: The lame brother
8: Spot the swan/duck.
9: Firecrackers!!

1: My dad and my paternal grandpa lightning the crackers

1/2: Introducing my little ducks and chickens, and the chickens who unforunately, all died. -_-”
3: The remains of firecrackers.
4: Cute little girl :D:D called Ah Nam if I didn’t remember wrongly.
5: The naughty girl whom I didn’t like and kept disturbing me
6/7: MY HANDSOME COUSIN who’s 17. :)
8: Hehe :) We wanted to put a photo up “Looking for GF” in Hainan for him. LOL
9: The huge jackfruit from our garden!

1/2/3: My cute little ducks!
4: Mr Black who follows me around the town :)
5: Enjoying the HUGE jackfruit!
6: Ooooh :D
7: My brother -_-
8/9: One of the pretty beaches in Hainan!

1/2: Mini fireworks!
3: My dad and his sister
4: My uncle’s car
5: Me and my mommie!
6: The family at the coffee shop
7: The crybaby! REALLY.
8/9: The beautiful skies of Hainan

1/2: More sceneries
3/4: My favourite cousin :) She’s only 13 and she’s super cute! Hehe, she’s like my little sis.
5: My dad
6: Everyone in Boao!
7: More scenery
8: On the car they chartered for us
9: The many flags of Asia

1: Boao Forum for Asia, the auditiorium. SUPER CHIO!
4: How can I forget the three of us. I FEEL SHORT.
5: More more of the logo
6: My parents and my grandpa
7: My big uncle and my dad
8: My dad’s sisters and grandpa
9: MORE!

1: The smallest uncle and half of his family
2: Me
3: My elder cousin :)

1: Mommie and the tour guide
2: The president suite *PRETTY!*
3/4: Mom and her… horoscope? Don’t know ZODIAC? -_-
5/6: Get what I mean by SUPER CHIO NOW?!
7/8: Pretty scenery outside the Auditorium!
9: Same same :)

1: Me on the horse who ran so fast that my cap blew off. I wonder how did they ride it so smoothly in HZGG?
2: Hong Bin on the horse
3: MORE of pretty beaches in Hainan
4: Whole herd of ducks, this is only 1/4 we saw on the road. SUPER CUTE!
5/6: My parents in another eatery!
8/9: Part of my family!

1/2/3: More…
4: MY CUTE GRANDPA. They said I look like him when he was younger. SIGH!
5/6/7/8/9: MORE!

1/2/3: MORE!
4: In one of the hotel’s cafe, my mom and my brother
5: My dad and his brother
7: My umbrella
9: My grandpa and ME! :)

1: Boao Forum…
2: Me and the horse
3: Poor horse was sweating. :(
4: The little chick that died :(
5: The kitten in my grandma’s house
6: The iced coffee that I drank that taste real nice.

1: My act cute brother
2/3: On the trishaw like motor
4: My smallest uncle with the gigantic fish
5: My ducks with me..
6: My brother and me..

1/2/3/4: People at the cafe!
5/6: Bro and me on the.. trishaw? :)
7: The sotong that was 50cm long.
8: Same same
9: Us before he left for Guangzhou

1: My chicks and me
2/3: On the car to airport
4: My mom on the beach
5/6: On the plane ready for take-off :)


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