F21 and Wetseal’s HERE!

Yay yay yay it came.
And I was telling Jingie that I was just browsing through my folders when I saw what I ordered from Wetseal and F21…

And so… “DING DONG” the bell went.
And.. I saw the guy holding 2 parcels! :)

Opened it excitedly, SAW THE LITTLE MISS NAUGHTY shirt… which fitted so perfectly!!
And then.. the ballet flats… which I so totally heart!

Yay. Ok but then, everything from F21 could not fit. SAD!
But its ok, I’m selling them off :)
Can’t wait to hear from my brother… it seems like he got me things from HK too.
WAHA! I’m just so super lucky right!

I might get to act in a Sitcom too.. lets just see. Let’s just hope.
If only, the lucky stars which would fall on me, could mean, a Biz deg too.


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