Another so Random Update!

Minutes ago, I shouted into the empty house.
“I want to go!”

Only to hear echoes.
My dad left without me.
Bye bye Bubble Tea.
Will drink you tmr.

AH. I feel damn lame.

Went out today, to Ikea with Daddy dear.
Ended up just walking around. Lame. Didn’t find the suitable shelf for my room.
Sigh. Then we ended up back in J8 as usual.
I wanted to show him the blazers from the G2000 sale, thinking there was no more black ones left suitable for school.
Who knows. There were more new ones than I expected! Hiak.
And I got one! (: Good. Just hope everything goes well smoothly now.
Lol btw Jingie, I got the fitting one. The looser one looks like its pads gonna fall off me anytime. $159 to $29. Whee.
Dad says he’s gonna bring me to buy more formal tops. Hehe. That’s how he support me. ;)

Have been masking quite a bit lately.
Bad skin. Tsk. Must be stress man.
2 weeks more to exams. Kinda excited, yet kinda not wanting it too.
Then again, I can’t be bothered. I will go Bsch won’t I? Then… I need not care about the exams… Whatever.
I am thinking of getting Mac’s Studio Fix. Poor poor me. Rich, can help me buy? (:

I pangseh him today oops. I still think CHC is not my cup of tea larhs. Sorry!
Gonna stay in school to mug everyday for next week.
Dad’s supportive and he’s gonna pick me up at night, 10pm. Muaha!
Shit, I have become a full-time mugger in any case.
Sigh. Tmr was supposed to be PRATA Day. But I think its gonna be mugger day too. Sigh. What a life huh.

Ok so random today. Just typing whatever that comes to my mind.

Can’t wait for next month to come.
I hope I don’t need to do special sem.
Then I can join Amore full time and lose weight. Seriously feel fking fat! All the cellulite I carry around me make me feel damn gross and unhealthy! Yucks. Just gonna eat alot this month and then lose it all next month.

Oops just spend a bomb online on F21 and Wetseal again getting all my Little Miss tops and black bottoms. Weet. Patience does pay off. Finally found the perfect shorts again. Hope I got the right sizing lo.

Just got an email from Alison. Wows. Been long since I attended any well, class outings. I don’t really consider them class outings cos the same few people attend all the time. It kinda gets boring. -_- But I promised Twin I will turn up. So I will.

Hai! What am I talking man. Shit. I think tmr I will wake up early. I will go running, really need to destress. Fking stressed up over nothing. Just like my msn nick, “My left nails painted black and my right painted red. I can’t decide btw good and bad.” But guess I might not wake up in the end. Gonna burn late night today again.

Oh yeah. Looking forward to June as well. Orientation camp @ ALOHA! With the Science Faculty. Gonna go ButterFactory with them on 27th or 28th June if I’m not wrong. Can’t rmb. Shucks. Then we are having a pre-camp one week before. In school. More fun cos its with the seniors and the batch mates. Muahah. Then in July, its the FOW, meaning more fun cos we will be staying in school, the new Faculty at Law a day before Rag Day. This year would be at Padang! COOLNESS. Can’t wait.

Dad just gave me $60 worth of vouchers to spend. Sigh. But there’s nothing I wanna buy. So I guess I will keep it for Mum for now. She’s a bigger spendthrift than I am. Lol.
Ok back to Trees for now. Stupid data structures and all you idiots who invented Java. !#@%


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