Random Updates

I’m in a even better mood today.
Cos I got my skinnies finally.
The perfect pair somemore.
The last piece, in my size. (:

Thanks Dorothy! (:
And yet another good news, cos, the lab I forced out last week got me a 99! (: (:
Hehe. Heng that CM wasn’t given a high weightage.
Feeling rather shagged now. Slept at 1am forcing out some shit for lab yesterday.
Still got one undone. Shall go and copy. :X:X
Ended up there was no need to hand up today. SO DUMB.
-_- But I managed to solve them by myself. So that’s a pat on the back for myself.

Hehe, cancelled the movie date this sat cos, no nice show to watch! Sorry YS! :P
I just saw the schedule, one test next week, and 2 weeks later, its EXAMS.
How fast. Then I’m flying off. Time passes real fast.

Oh well. Tired. Gonna drop by PS later to exchange my VCDs which is spoilt. GRR.
Bye people, have a life!


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