Bleak Life?

I’m in a freaking good mood.
Yesterday seem so bleak.

Actually, I finished my lab on Thursday already.
However, Jackson said my lab was wrong, not supposed to do by this way that means.
So yup, restart coding for me.
And you know what. It’s actually just simply copying from the lecture notes and editing it.
How dumb. I spent my time on Thursday coming up with a brand new one.

So yup, couldn’t fall asleep last night, was thinking how come my code doesn’t work when its correct. So all I had to credit sleepless night to was “matches” instead of “equals”. To those who understand. Yes, that’s how dumb I can get. -_- So instead of matching for operators, I make sure the String equals to “[-|+|*|/]”. Freaking hell.

Got it up and running at 11 today after editing since 10. Finally. Bye Java Labs for now, and forever (I hope.). Still waiting for the results of the application.

Haven’t been blogging much because, well exams are coming up. I seriously have no time! There’s so much for me to do and my aunt’s hospitalised for Dengue and low blood. Gosh. Tiring cos I have become the chauffeur of my house. Fetching my parents to and fro from TTSH. Ah.

I still have two more labs waiting for me to do. CS1104. After which, I can finally take a rest and listen to boring webcasts of 7 hours. Omg.
But then again, I’m quite excited about next week.
I’m going City Harvest Church for some easter thing, hope I don’t fall asleep.
And its MOVIE! time for me on Saturday.

Ok let me just take a quick rest before it’s time for battle again.
I think I just said I kinda excited about next week?
Ok, I think I would like to take my words back now.

Can’t wait to fly. I want to go to the Village where I can chase chickens and pigs and lead a carefree life where I don’t need to bother if they chase me back or what.
I want to just lie on the beach, catch crabs, find shells and jump happily at occasional bottles that come floating by.

That’s the life I want. I want to see Mr Black and Mr Fat too. (The Dogs in the Village).
Last but not least, I WANT A NEW PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WANT MORE MONEY! Then I don’t have to f*ing study.

Pardon my randomness and nonsensical chatter. That’s what books do to you after reading them.


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