Mr Bean’s Holiday

Days were spent setting up my site (:
Invested a total of $1000+ into this venture.
Hope it doesn’t fail on me.

This week’s happy lovely cos…
I was expecting to fail my CS1231 test.
When I got the announcement that results were out,
Part of me couldn’t wait to receive it, while the other was that I didn’t wanna know it.
Anyway, then I told myself, if I pass, laugh. If I fail, smile.
Then work hard next time.
But guess what, I got an 85/100.
MUAHAHA! Thanks be to God! (:
Whatever it is, it was a pleasant surprise.
I’m gonna work even harder for this almost-s/ued module.

Friday was spent with the bestie, Zh who became my ‘carrier’.
And comments giver.
Thanks ;)
It was a rather short thing so nothing much to say.

Gonna blog about Saturday.
Woke up at 7.04am. Wondering how come no one woke me up yet.
Checked my alarm, and realised its only 7.04am. It will ring at 7.05am.
So anyway, dragged myself up (I slept at 1.30am the night before cos I was worrying about the site and my CS1104 assignment, which I have forgotten to submit few hours before deadline. Whatever, 1% gone.) and went to bathe.

Slacked around and got out of house, fetch my mom to work and parked at the carpark at her office.
Then off I went to the Roti Prata House at Thomson to meet two more besties (:
Too bad shannonling’s in army. (Can you hear us from BMT?!) *EVIL LAUGH*
The two persons were so late, I think I kinda pissed the prata uncle off.
But whatever larhs. So many empty seats so can’t I just sit there and wait?
They came finally at 8.15am.
Talked, ate, and then left at 9.00am to go to Haji lane.
Muahaha. Left the area at 11.00am, $400 poorer for me, and $50 poorer for Jingie.

Drove home and then we waited in my house before heading to J8 for Bean.
Ok la, I guess it was an ok show, laughable. 3.5/5? :)
Had a nice laugh definitely with the kids.

Ooh. Lab results just came out.
Yay. Perfect again! (:
But then, the next one is tough.
Heck it. Just gonna force something out as usual. Wahaha.

Then off home I went.
And now sitting right in front of the computer, processing my photos.
They look pretty. Btw, they are pre-processed ;)
Check them out ;)


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