Memorable Days

What a nice day it is today.
Alarm rang at 9.05am.
But I felt so lazy and all.
So continued sleeping till 11am!
Woke up, watched HZGG 3 on Channel 8 before proceeding to AMK!

Bargained and got an extra XD Card!
So that makes it 3GB, cleaning kit, mini tripod, case, extra batt… and a screen protector.
Need no trade in, all at the price of $499.
What a great buy. It’s so much cheaper than my old camera of $900.

Bye Ixus400. Hello and welcome Fuji F31FD.
Can’t wait to bring my new baby out for a walk. ;)

Then ate at S11 at AMK before heading to Raffles City for a walk.
Ahaha, was actually not intending to get the Scarlet series tdy.
Just wanted to take a walk to Guess and check the bag out before getting it on Ebay.
But guess what. I could not resist it anymore!
Haha, Mum too. She got some other bag, so yay, that makes it 2 extra bags for me to use :)

Then yeah, walk around, stone around. Stupid shoes got me so many blisters on my feet.
Yup, just knew that Pepper Lunch express has gotten to some Food Junctions.
Haha, ate at the one at Raffles City and then back at J8 too.
Coolness. That’s another thing to be happy about.

Ahaha, sorry Rich, I think I’m really faster than you this time round!
But thanks for the thought of getting me the Scarlet too anyway. (:
Forget about Jolicoeur now, too expensive to afford.

So here’s how my life went today.
Really love driving.
I think I’m really giving up on my lab. Seriously. It’s not do-able.
How can you not destroy the stack but traverse along it? Gosh. I think its time to find the pros tmr ;)
But whatever, just going to bring my lappie to school tmr and try to force something out.
Oh well.

I hate school.


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