Nice Closure to IT Show 2007

I’m finally back, alive and kicking after 4 days of IT Show.
First day was terrible. As like Tiger’s roadshow.
Tiring even though I was in sports shoes!
Can imagine what it would be like in heels!

Anyway, made a lot of friends.
Mainly the OCBC and Great Eastern people (:
Maybe next time I will go into insurance.
Hehe! See how la, now, its studying time.

But I’m super tired after 4 days.
Think I will sleep early tonight after finishing my lecture webcasts and tutorials.
Whatever it is, a nice experience indeed.
Found that its quite hard talking to people in long sleeved shirts.
They seem to be so “gao gao zai shang”. Whatever la, shall talk to Uncles and Aunties.

So that’s something else to be happy about after knowing that I did alright from my 1104! (:
Life’s getting better huh? So much that I don’t feel like changing fac if they approve it.

Bought Phantom of the Opera tickets like finally.
Whee, gonna watch it on the 10th May with the besties. (:
Excited excited.

Hiak, to end it off….



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