AJ Choir Memories

Whee. Found AJC’s choir stuff online (:

No Importa La Distancia
AJ’s Favourite Piece (:
They sang this at the airport, for winning Choir Olympics Champs in Xiamen.
Can’t really hear the Altos though, maybe cos the video cam’s nearer to the Sops…
But the Bass is super loud… Zaizai. And they are opposite. o_o

Bin Nam Ma
The piece that gave AJ’s its Gold With Honours and an Overall 2nd at the 33rd International Choral Festival.
Totally love singing this piece (:

If We Hold on Together
Hmm, this was sang by the 05/06 batch at Xiamen if I’m not wrong. (:

The Winning Moment in Xiamen!
Champions in Xiamen, Choir Olympics 2006!
Dots! I just realised I saw Geok’s face LOL (: So cute….

Last but not least, how can I forget VJ’s famous Pamugun!
One word for their Sops: FABULOUS! (:



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