Was just watching Channel 8 moments ago.
They were showing Czech Republic, Prague/Praha.

Man, it brings memories. Took out my photo album and began flipping through.
The days since Sec3, when I first got my digicam…
Lol, my hair grew shorter, and then longer… and then became now. (:
Then I saw how Jas, Jing, Jt, Dior and me changed over the years.. Quite amusing.
I will try to find Jas’ mummified photo in Sec1… MUSHROOM HAIR! (:

Today’s such a good day to recap about life…
Have a good laugh! (:

Jas and me at the Amphitheatre Pond!

Sec4 Farewell Day! JP, Mrs Chan (VP), Dior and Me!

Miss Yeo, Lee Han, Jt and Me! Bleahs, this is the best photo of Jt and Me! Hahaha!
We seldom take photos together cos she ends up deleting all the horrible looking ones. :|

Was in the same class as Cheryl since Sec1, but was never close to her till we went to SA! (:
Wonder how’s she doing now though… so hard to keep in touch with her…

04S54. One of the best classes around! Had the best 1st 3 months thanks to em’

How can I forget Jojo, Ning who came together at the weirdest circumstances…!
Haha, imagine, we were so lost then, and now, one’s a Traditional Medicine undergrad and the other a law undergrad… (: Miss them, MEET UP SOON!

Jasie and me… with short hair! (: At heerens!

Jenna, me and seok, during Biology Lab if im not wrong!
Missing Jenna loads!

Mar and me… I chose this photo cos, its the only one she looks so girly in! (: Haha!
Hope to see her soon…

As for this, I put it up cos……. everyone was looking so funny with RED cheeks, note, not PINK, but RED… Totally mamasan style!


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