A Missing Rabbit

So funny!
Just moments ago, I went around the house looking for Pom Pom.
Went to search his favourite hide-outs.

TWICE. Once with food and once without.
But to no avail.
Was wondering whether he ran out of the house, as in someone opened the door and he ran out. Cos I removed his collar today and had no idea where he was!

So I was getting scared, roped my mom in to find him.
Then, just as I was about to give up, I walked to the door, wanting to open it so that in case he ran out, he can come back in again.

Then I heard soft knocks, like scratching sounds coming from the store room.
Opened the door, and saw a terrified Pom Pom, trembling.

He immediately ran out.
And I hugged him.
Poor one.
If I wasnt feeling bored from programming and I didn’t go look for him, I think, I would probably see a dead rabbit by now!


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