Happy New Year, EVE!

Ahaha, I’ve been driving on the roads without guidance for the past few days.
Must say, probation drivers really do get bullied on the road.
People try to cut into my lane, thinking that I will give way to them, but I’m so sorry, not all lady drivers can be bullied ;) Try me, and I will make sure you crash your car on the side borders.

But anyway, I’m praying that my dad will let me drive the car to school next time, and save that 2 hours spent on transportation. And that $4 per trip. Ouch.

Looking forward to tmr, cos I can finally see my cousins again, after so long.
Supposed to go on a holiday this New Year. But ended up I couldn’t go.
Ah, but good news anyway, cos I’ll be flying off after the exams! (: Hopefully I get to go back Hong Kong this July too, and I can’t wait to tell my brother that he can come over in December!

Whatever it is, NUS should really scrape the idea of a term break during this time. Cos’ firstly, its not even a term break, with so much work being given to us, I think its more of a work week. So not looking forward to next Sunday where I will sleep late again, rushing through my work.

Tsk. Shan’t complain further.
Happy New Year everyone especially Jasie, Jingie, Shan and Zh!
Also especially to my brother, and family in HK, missing you people lots. (:

May more money come in! (: LOL


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